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This book is answering some of the questions that no one has ever asked: Why is it that spiritual and societal transformation, awakening or revival is any thing but sustainable? Why did Jesus the Christ begin His ministry with the miracle of the new wine in Canaan? Why is it on the third day? When is the the next Great Awakening and how is it going to look like? Why is it that transformation/spiritual awakening revolves around an individual or a group of people? The mystery of John 2 …etc. Hear me well, the next great awakening is going to make Azuza Street look like a Sunday school! At the center of this awakening are ordinary and unknown people like. When you buy this book, you are supporting Hope for African Widows and the Fatherless-HAWAF.ORG. This book is dedicated to this cause. Again, why is it that the cities/nations that witnessed great cultural or spiritual transformation/awakening are worse TODAY than they were before the MIGHTY MOVE? Do we really need revival? There’s something more! Hosea 6:2 says there are revival, resurrection and relationship. Why do we stop at revival, which is not resurrection and relationship, and visitation, which is not habitation? Can desperation and hunger move or fast-forward the timing of God? We are at a juxtaposition of another Great Spiritual Awakening and God is preparing a wineskin for Himself. In this Third Day, Jesus has arrived at Cana again and the Church in its present state is out of wine. Our desperation has reached heaven, and He will pour out His sustainable Bold, Fresh Wine. There’s a cry for the bold, fresh wine—a sustainable city, regional, and national transformation....DETAILS

  Here’s what leaders around the world are saying about this book… “When you meet Pastor Benjamin you will feel you are touching the fire of God, and I pray that this fire will be transferred to you by the means of this book.”—Pastor Sunday Adelaja
“Jump into this book…like a portal to the next level.”  –Randy DeMain
“I highly recommend this book…to the Church.” –Hon. John Abraham Godson, Ph.D
“Every God-seeker must have a copy of this book.” –Jackson Senyonga
“Bold, fresh wine is here. Thank you, Benjamin Anyacho, for expressing your life and sharing it with a thirsty world” –Dr. J. Doug Stringer
“This insightful book is a love letter straight from the heart of God to ignite our hearts in transforming revival. Every lover and seeker after God should have this piece on their bedside table, right beside their Bible.” –Ras Robinson
“Benjamin’s book is a valuable adjunct to the growing world-wide Christian expectation that God is preparing His Bride for its role as the harbinger of God’s Kingdom.”  –Dr. Tony Dale
“Sincere Benjamin…” He will instruct you to go from spiritual, social sipping to becoming an alcoholic.”–Bishop Kenneth Phillips
“This book is addressing the great cry in the heart of many in our world today.” –Bishop Simon Iheanacho
“…this book is the cry of the moment for genuine sustainable transforming revival.”–Bishop John Praise
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A Cry For Sustainable Transformation By C. Benjamin Anyacho